I am Ute Bivona and I am an abstract expressionist artist.


I paint in acrylics, oils, inks, markers, graphite and oil pastels to create my paintings because I love to create many details and haptic impression of my work. I use different color palettes and I am fond of vibrant pink. I also love deep blue tones and a highly resonating ultramarine.


Our psyche and emotion respond in a special way to every single color and I consciously use colors to comfort, to calm, to make you feel happy and serene, to express my love and the gratitude for being an artist. I create my work both intentionally and intuitively, calm and wild, masculine and feminine, impressionally and expressionally. I love to play with different materials, I feel the warmth or the cold of colors and get these feelings on the canvas or on paper.


I actually decided to become a full-time artist, but I have been painting and drawing for most of my life. My strongest inspirations in abstraction are Gerhard Richter, Joan Mitchell, Krista Harris.

I love diving into the magical world of colours, painting and drawing. It gives me strength and allows me to grow in my fabulous passion for art. My style developed over the years, I tried different techniques, colors and media until I finally found my calling in abstract expressive painting.


I enjoy combining flat color fields, thick lines of paint, bright strokes and thin marks throughout my paintings. Sometimes I use texture to create an extraordinary 3-dimensional experience for the viewer. My artworks invite you to stay, observe and find your very own thoughts, memories and emotions in them.


Art connects us all, in depression and happiness, in darkness and light. No matter how life around me feels, I‘ll never stop to enjoy painting. It’s a simple question of need and personal health.

I want you to feel the passion looking at my work.

I want you to feel my paintings, the emotions behind them.

This is why I paint and this is why I am an artist today.