100 x 100 cm

Graphite, gesso and acrylics on canvas



In this series, the artist has resolved to paint over older works again, thus giving them a unique character, an expressive direction and taking them to a higher level of development.

For this work, black, white and two different shades of yellow are used to create movement, tension, mood and depth. The very highly pigmented and very pasty acrylic paint is applied thickly to give the picture movement and style. It is precisely the contrast between the thick, flat and expressive brushstroke and the almost naive, lovingly applied lines and shapes, whether with water-soluble graphite, thicker and thinner acrylic markers, that creates tension and the individual areas of the picture combine to form a coherent whole.

You can also see the many different layers that give the work a unique structure.

AfterThe Rain

900,00 € Standardpreis
450,00 €Sonderpreis

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    All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona