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70 x 100 cm / 28" x 39"

Acrylics, gesso on canvas



Don't we all have a reason to celebrate now and then? Far too rare, thinks the artist, and with her latest work she has created a firework of warm and bright colors and brightly colored circles that are reminiscent of confetti, streamers and hustle and bustle. You should create opportunities to celebrate something much more often - the family, loved ones, friends, small finds, short rays of sunshine, or simply yourself! What could be nicer than having such a good-humored, joyful and energetic picture reminding you and start the day with a positive outlook, or in the evening after a finished working day to make clear what you have achieved again that day? Thanks to the black background, the warm colors shine brighter, first applied with a spatula and then refined and accentuated with fine brush strokes.


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