80 x 100 cm

Oil, acrylics and graphite on unstretched canvas



The darker and more uncertain the times, the brighter, more radiant and joyful the artist's pictures. She has created a work of art that is bursting with energy, lightness and pure joie de vivre. You can clearly see the different stages and therefore layers in the individual photos. First, a water-soluble graphite pen was used to draw on the unsecured loose canvas in strong gestural movements, then accented it with gel medium and created structure. After a long drying process, first color washes are applied and partially removed with sprayed water. Only then the appropriate painting begins, the application of opaque paint, partial neutralization and regression of too strong colors, setting dark, light and even lighter shades and thus creating depth and movement. Again and again the artist lets the individual layers dry before the next one is applied until the overall impression is right.

The Song of Joy

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All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona