100 x 100 x 4 cm

Acrylic, gesso, crayon and graphite on canvas



A bright and cheerful work by the artist. In this work of art, the background of graphite, crayons and gesso comes to the foreground and plays an important and leading role. It sets the composition, the direction of the movement. Everything moves in a circle, it acts like a thorn scrub that slowly dissolves, through the power of love, in this case the power of colors. The heart tells us very clearly what it wants, it shows us the way, but sometimes we don't see it, we don't know how to proceed. We know what we really want, but we do not see the way to do it. But then, one day, our heart beats in harmony with the outside world, everything becomes light and bright and beautiful, the path appears clearly before us. And when we go for it, everything becomes clear and good and beautiful. The future suddenly appears positive and full of bright colors.


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All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona