100 x 80 cm

Graphite, gesso and acrylics on canvas



The eternal ice - cold and impenetrable. And underneath the ice-cold, deep, dark water.

In this work of art, too, the artist has continued the color wheel, this time with the color blue. Partly deep and dark, partly intense blue, it shines through the torn ice world, just as an icebreaker that plows through the Arctic.

Overall, a cool, moving, yet friendly and calming picture that derives its charm and meaning from the color blue. With this work, too, the artist painted over an old work, left out parts so that the old version can shine through and the memory of the past work is not forgotten, but on the contrary contributes to the overall composition.


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650,00 €Sonderpreis

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    All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona