100 x 80 cm

Graphite, gesso and acrylics on canvas



Turquoise lies on the color wheel between blue and green and is a cool but soothing shade.

The artist chose this color for this artwork. The design, the forms, the lines, the circles and the movement show the artist's personal psychic work during her Sunday morning meditation: thoughts form, circle around certain topics, expand, come back to the point, focus, mindfully on the breath, let your mind wander, come back and then, all of a sudden - the calm, the joy, exploding clarity, euphoria!

New synapses are formed through the new way of thinking, feeling, being.

Sunday Morning Meditation - Building New Synapses

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650,00 €Sonderpreis

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    All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona