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100 x 80 x 4 cm (39" x 31.5")

Acrylics, oil pastels, graphite on gallery wrapped canvas



A completely different color palette, many pastels, almost earthy colors that the artist does not use normally, come to play here. A dreamlike scenery reveals itself to the viewer. For this painting, the artist was reminded of a wonderful, summery Sunday morning walk. In summer, when it is very bright early in the morning, the air almost shimmers and blurs all contours and maybe some ground fog rises, it is wonderful to take a short, fresh walk when there are still few people around. Many different layers, markings, washouts, scratches, lines are necessary to create this light, playful impression. In addition, the artist has repeatedly turned the canvas so that the different directions emerge. The viewer's eyes can stroll through the painting and discover many small and large details. The shimmering copper color gives the picture a very special shine.


Sunday Morning Walk

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