80 x 80 cm

Graphite, gesso and acrylics on canvas



A continuation of the black and white + series, this time with the next color in the color wheel - pink.

The artist depicts the opposites of inner and outer life. In this work of art, the outer world, which partially covers the emotions, is depicted in black and white and seems cool like a snowy landscape. But through cracks in this facade, scratches and deliberately left "windows", the underneath becomes visible: flaming pink, sweet, auspicious and exuberant like love. Here the artist did not paint over an old work, but created a new work in several layers from start to finish, as can be seen in the individual process photos, so that it blends harmoniously into the color range.

Strongly gestural, thick paint application with translucent brush strokes, thin, delicate lines with thick, incised markings and cold black and white tones alternate with deep, rich pink on the surface and complement each other to form a coherent overall composition.

The Power of Love

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    All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona