100 x 120 cm / 39" x 47"

Acrylics, gesso, china marker and graphite on canvas



A completely different color palette that the artist uses in this painting, light, almost like a childhood dream of light, spring, love and happiness, yes, above all happiness! Isn't it every little girl's big dream to meet the right person and doesn't the idea of ​​everlasting happiness instantly mix with this idea? And don't we as adult women, against our experiences, also dream of finding and holding onto perfect happiness? A piece of happiness that seems to float, hopes for butterflies almost unnoticed; the butterflies whose wings beat move the world and the hearts of the yearning people who dream their way into their world, their world full of joy, full of pink moments, rosy feelings. This painting reflects just that - that innocent dream of happiness, that mingling of wonderful short moments, in this case pretty little flowers in a bright swirl of flowers.

This light dream of everlasting happiness

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