80 x 80 cm

Graphite, gesso and acrylics on canvas



The color circle closes with the color green.

In this work of art, the artist expressed the whole vibration, the moving effect of the color green on herself. Green is the color of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the determining chakra of the artist. She lives, loves, designs, paints, acts, enjoys, gives with all her heart. Her decisions are mostly heart decisions. A lot moves her, her thoughts, her emotions, her actions, but nothing as strongly as the voice of her heart.

In green nature, in the forest, for example, or in the park, on the green meadow, the artist recharges, heals old wounds, gains new strength - wonderful nature that pours here in an almost infinite loop or wave. Scratches, cracks, scars and darker areas of graphite, which almost look like watercolor paints, liven up and emphasize the wave motion even more and add very special focal points to the overall composition.

Very Near By Me

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    All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona