80 x 80 cm

Graphite and acrylics on canvas



With this artwork the artist has created an extremely rare black and white work. The strongest contrast, or the strongest value, the greatest possible difference in brightness does not play a major role in her work, since she is constantly concerned with colors, their effects, dependencies and support.

Neutral, darkened, or mostly lightened colors are in contrast to strong, meaningful colors, more transparent to opaque paint application, surface to lines or dots - that is what defines her works and creates the tension in her art.

Here she reflects on the simple and yet so complex effect of black and white in order to create tension, structure and a composition that appears abstract and yet like a landscape. A landscape that you might see early in the morning when you are still drowsy when you open the shutters and the mist is still caressing the meadows.

When I Woke Up

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    All artworks are painted with joy! Copyright: all rights reserved by Ute Bivona