80 x 100 x 3,5 cm

Inks and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas



This artwork captivates with the different shades of blue that create an indescribable depth. One would prefer to immerse oneself in this dark, yet bright blue.

Despite the overall deep and darker tones, the artist knew how to build lightness so that the color nuances look more like clouds that float past. The colored areas were first created by washing with diluted inks and then refined and built up with partly flat, partly thick pasty paint application. Here, darker and lighter shades are used to create depth.

In between, drying times have to be observed to ensure an optimal overpainting. Only very small, contrasting splashes of color continue to create a light, floating impression and thus contribute to the cloud-like effect.

With My Feet In The Clouds

1.300,00 € Standardpreis
650,00 €Sonderpreis
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