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100 x 150 x 4 cm / 39" x 59"

Acrylics, gesso, china marker, graphite on canvas



All you want - is PEACE!


In these hectic and uncertain times, in which chaos, aggression and fear predominate and determine our everyday life, the artist has expressed her deep longing for outer and inner peace and what she dreams of and wants to convey to the new owner with all her heart. The expressionist abstract lettering that the artist first put in black form the depth of this painting. Then very gestural lines were applied with china markers, as these do not smear even when painted over, but stay and shine through. Gesso was used to create brightness in the foreground. The complexity multi-layering can also be seen in the various photos. The graffiti lettering was not sprayed on, but painted and finally manipulated in color again because the first green was too prominent. Most recently, the artist painted her floral elements in her very own "handwriting".

All you want

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