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100 x 100 cm / 39" x 39"

Acrylics, gesso, graphite on canvas



What a wonderful flower painting! Light and opulent at the same time! You almost feel as if you are in an English salon, a pleasant canoe fire crackles and a wonderful cup of tea at tea time. So floating and swirling, this is how this cascade of flowers comes along. The artist initially designed the background with liquid acrylic paints, so that the colors partly flow on top of each other, partly flow into each other and a rather ugly first layer of paint is created. But that is exactly what challenges the artist to the utmost, to create something beautiful from this background. It was completely covered with a second colored layer, but is still included through the scratched out lines. Side effect of the scratches: the lines appear multicolored, not monochrome black. The flowers are then applied in a virtuoso manner, with secure, well-placed brushstrokes, sometimes pastose with several colors on the brush, sometimes slightly transparent so that the background shines through.

Blooming forever

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