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100 x 80 x 3 cm / 39" x 31.5"

Acrylics, gesso, graphite, marker on canvas



A wild, exotic garden, colorful and vibrant blooming and dancing flowers, perhaps a jungle, one would think if one looks at this admittedly almost chaotic painting by the artist from a distance. It almost seems like you can hear a tiger sneaking through the thicket and expect it to jump out with a surprising leap! The abstract floral elements dance so lively, so happy and cracklingly colorful and sprout from floating green and turquoise circles and compete with them. The round of the circles, on the other hand, harmonizes with the leaf-shaped elements. In this work the artist has again combined a completely abstract older work with geometric and free abstract floral elements. The complexity of this painting only becomes apparent to the viewer when he comes closer.

Fantastic garden

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