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150 x 150 x 4 cm / 59" x 59"

Öl, Acryl, Kohle auf Leinwand



This work is an extraordinary work by the artist, because this time she has not created a floral, but a completely abstract painting. And yet you can recognize their "handwriting" at first glance: their complexity, their colors, their sweeping gestural brushstrokes and markings, whether with charcoal or marker - everything comes together to form a single joyful crescendo! In the first step, the artist painted lines with black acrylic paint, wild, without a clue, pure expression of the inner. After drying, paints were mixed, dark, fairly neutral acrylic paints that were applied over a large area, delimited hard, or blended into each other. The artist used white to accentuate the surfaces wet-on-wet, wrote, scratched with a spatula, scraped off paint, then actively "wrote" diagonally with charcoal, scratching the paint and distributing the paint underneath. The last layer was made with oil and charcoal.

Fields of Love and Understanding

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