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Diptych, 60 x 80 x 1,5 cm (single painting 30 x 80 x 1,5 cm)

Acrylics, graphite on canvas



This diptych appears in cool, sunny colors like a fresh summer breeze by the sea! One almost thinks to feel and hear the cooling water, the rolling waves. Perhaps it was the warm sunny days and the longing for the sea that inspired the artist to create this painting? Since the travel options are severely limited this Corona year, she has created her own little cooling paradise. The diptych shines wonderfully fresh and yet sunny in various ambiences with the sun. Another work has emerged that is more or less framed by a multi-layered structure, geometric grid lines that were set according to plan, scratches in fresh acrylic paint and foaming shades of blue that override any geometry. A fluid, cheeky and bubbly composed work that the artist created here that completely captivates us with its summer magic.


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