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50 x 50 cm / 19" x 19"

Acrylics, tempera, graphite on gallery canvas



This small masterpiece, which the artist has created on this small format, appears almost like a colorful meadow of flowers covered by fog. So dreamy, so unreal and yet happy thanks to the translucent, strong and vibrant colors! There is involuntary joy and one tries again and again to discover new details, lines, colors, shapes. First of all, the artist created a brightly colored, very strong background with acrylic paints, in which neon colors should not be missing. Then she "wrote" on the dried paint surface with colored tempera pens, no words that make sense, more a symbolic font, sometimes even applied from right to left, to give the lettering even more spontaneity. As the next step, she applied a cream-colored layer with a sponge brush, into which she scratched leaves, tendrils and abstract roses with a water-soluble graphite pencil. Wonderful!


Good vibes

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