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100 x 100 x 4 cm / 39" x 39"

Acrylics and metallic leaf on canvas



In this work the artist covered the canvas with silver leaves. All scratches, gaps and holes that remain free are intentionally applied or left in order not to make the surface look too even, but rather broken, so that it contributes to the overall composition. The challenge with metallic substrates is that the paint has to be applied very pasty, otherwise it will not achieve its real color quality, but will appear almost translucent. However, the artist uses high-quality acrylic paints in "Heavy Body" quality, so that she can apply the colors directly with a high flow and pigmentation without any problems. The silver background is an additional challenge because it appears very cold. The play of colors that the artist used, however, results in a harmonious, warm and happy overall composition. A picture full of movement and joy! The abstract flowers dance across the silver canvas!

Happiness is here to stay

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