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100 x 80 x 3,5 cm

Graphite, inks and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas



The artist has created an amazing example of her ability to abstract that is unmistakeable. Everything is combined in this artwork: bright and thin, flat and expressive brush strokes, light and dark areas, movement and calm, neutral and bright colors, surface and line, texture and flat surface, depth and foreground.

All these details come together in a coherent overall composition that skillfully directs the gaze over the artwork.

And while walking through the picture, new details and perspectives open up to the viewer again and again. The scenery almost seems like a landscape with architectural forms, different paths, vegetation and symbols.

A great way to linger and rediscover the artwork every day.

In this work too, the artist begins with a flowing background of different inks, accentuated by graphite lines.

Pure thick acrylic paint is applied after drying completely and the brush is directed by hand, heart and soul until this dreamy landscape reveals itself.

Happy Me

2.800,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
  • Das Kunstwerk wird kompakt und sicher verpackt und innerhalb der EU versandkostenfrei versendet.

    The artwork will be packed compactly and safely and the shipping is free.

    Thank you.

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