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100 x 160 cm / 39" x 63"

Oil, acrylics, gesso and graphite on canvas (diptych)



An incomparable diptych that the artist created in her inimitable way! This time she entered the creation process the other way around. The warm, vibrant neon colors magenta and pink are not in the foreground, but have been applied in their very own "signature" in the background. So she practically created a "sgraffito" background, which is the ideal starting point to cover it with a darker color. To do this, she put the pictures upright and on top of each other in her studio so that the blue-green color running from top to bottom runs evenly. The artist used acrylic and oil paints again and sometimes even mixed them. Gesso was used for the brilliant white. Actually a very abstract picture, with gradients, applied paint, scratched out again and graphite markers, and yet clearly a water lily pond!

Happy Memories

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