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100 x 100 x 4 cm

Acrylics, gesso, graphite and marker on canvas



You can hear it humming.

And ripple.

And rustle softly.

In the sky stay nearly still the cotton clouds, which can only be dragged lazily by the mild summer wind and the humming of the bees and other insects in the leaves, bushes and on the few bright flowers is a perfect summer melody. The lush green leaves of the trees rub softly in the gentle breeze. You can almost imagine a gently rippling stream behind the hedge or thicket, which promises cooling. Again and again it is my aim to depict nature in an abstract way, to express my love for nature vehemently and with expressive gestural painting. In doing so, I use several layers, materials and techniques that create best the overall effect. The viewer should sink in, stand, sit, lie in it and almost touch the surroundings, but in any case feel and experience with all senses. It is always a nature shaped by memory.

In der Natur

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