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100 x 80 cm / 39" x 31.5"

Oil on canvas - finger painting



A painting like a bang! A work that pulls the viewer under its spell, almost sucking them into this wild vortex, this brilliant interplay of color and shape! The individual "strokes" of the fingers, the energy with which the individual mixed oil paints are applied and "shifted" into one another, is a furious interplay that results in the impressionistic fusion of light and shadow, of neutral and vibrating colors, of surface and structure culminates. The texture of a Van Gogh is merged with the coloring of a Monet and the artist's very own work is created, which is no longer just reminiscent of her great role models, but also gives space to a modern interpretation of the old masters. A strong, energetic work that inevitably makes the viewer pause, pause, and surprise himself when he wants to stroke the surface.

Into the vortex

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