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100 x 100 x 4 cm

Acrylics, gesso and graphite on canvas




In the mountains. You get up, set off, hike in the twilight of the new day on still lonely paths. You are still a little sleepy and yet fully awake in the cool morning air. You look forward to the experience, the sunrise. Will it be what you imagined it to be? You go on and on, relatively quickly, so that you do not miss the crucial moment and there it is - this delicate glow behind the mountains, the sky becomes brighter and brighter and shimmers in the most beautiful, liveliest colors, only interrupted by individuals at the firmament brushed white clouds. You are overwhelmed by so much beauty. The dark mountain peaks stand out against the rosy sky, appear sharp-edged and dangerous until the light of the new day prevails and everything shines in bright sunshine, making it appear friendly and safe. The artist captured this brief moment wonderfully in this work!


Morning Glory

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