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100 x 80 cm / 39" x 31.5"

Oil on canvas - finger painting



An extraordinary work that the artist created here. Of course, she initially remained true to her subject WATER or the association with it. Because this work is completely abstract, was created out of itself, out of the technology, the handling of the oil paint, the feel of the fingers on the canvas. The process gave rise to this picture, so to speak. Painting with her fingers, sometimes with her whole hand, has allowed the artist to find her way back to her roots, to the originality and childlike nature of painting, and she has given infinite joy, like a rediscovered treasure that was buried decades ago and which one now has with shining eyes digs up and one wonders why it still shines. Wonderful, the ease with which the artist spreads the oil paints on the canvas. Playfully, sometimes almost fluttering, she caresses the canvas with her fingertips and enjoys the structures that result.


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