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160 x 160 cm (unmounted)

Acrylics and graphite on UNSTRETCHED canvas



With this unmounted work Bivona has succeeded in a very moving, expressive and large-format picture. Assembled, it is approx. 150 x 150 cm in size. Light yellow tones and dark, full blue tones, mixed together to form neutral kaki green tones. Many neutral shades are also created by mixing with a lot of white. The artist creates momentum and tension through the contrast of light and dark, hard contours and interwoven soft transitions, wide brush strokes and thin lines, dripping colors and thin glazes. It is never easy to paint over certain details because they appear so beautiful and interesting, but that's exactly what the artist did here: sit, observe, repaint, paint over, glaze, mark, observe again, assess the effect and again a new one Apply a layer of paint, lines and lines until nothing is disturbing, nothing is missing, until the overall composition is coherent and exciting.


On The Sunny Side Of The Street

8.500,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
  • The artwork is carefully rolled and packaged and shipped free of charge worldwide.

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