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100 x 100 cm

Acrylics on canvas



Venice! Anyone who has ever been there knows the fascination of this lagoon city built on the water, or rather: in the water! And everyone knows the wide and less wide canals through which you can travel by vaporetto or gondolier. But then there are still very small "alleys" that can be explored on foot, over narrow stone paths, countless bridges and wooden walkways. There you stand, look into the water, marvel at the reflections that result from the larger or smaller palazzi on the water, the colors, the almost abstract, amorphous structures caused by the movement of the element of water. And you think: that would be a great motif for a mural! This is exactly what happened to the artist and in the course of her water series she refined old photos of a friend into new works of art. A completely abstract approach, but from a distance it also appears completely realistic.

Outer reflection of an inner world

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