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150 x 150 cm / 59" x 59"

Acrylics, spray paint, charcoal on canvas



Regardless of all wars, differences, differences, opinions, languages, prejudices, the artist still believes in all the good that exists in this world and that needs to be preserved. And only we can do that ourselves, deep inside us, in our subconscious, detached from the EGO, when we know who we are and that everything is connected. With this new painting she has created a modern expressionist work that captivates and attracts attention with its calligraphic elements. You almost think you can recognize words or at least individual letters, but the calligraphy in this picture is a kind of symbol for the different languages, etc. But despite all differences, being human unites us in a precious nature, on a nature worth protecting Earth. Spiritual? Ecological? Optimistic? Naive? Perhaps there is a little bit of everything in this work so that it may bring joy and, of course, peace to the observer!

Peace Is Coming Your Way

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