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80 x 100 cm

Inks and acrylics on canvas



Nature, the environment and the earth are very important to the artist. The stay in nature was always healing, energizing, she could draw strength and creativity from it.

Therefore, she wants to show the beauty AND the pollution of nature, what we love AND what we do to nature, each of us every day. Her wish is to save the earth before it is too late to love and honor it!

Or is it even too late?

The painting shows a pink to violet, almost glowing, large cloud in a deep blue to turquoise sky over an abstract forest. The colors of the cloud, which is divided into several smaller clouds, are intense magenta, pink and violet, beautiful colors that could indicate a perfect, dreamy world.

If bright yellow, green and orange tones wouldn't flow in from the right and let the atmosphere appear in a sick light.


Perfect World

2.800,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
  • Das Kunstwerk wird kompakt und sicher verpackt und innerhalb der EU versandkostenfrei versendet.

    The artwork will be packed compactly and safely and the shipping is free.

    Thank you.

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