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100 x 80 cm

Acrylics on canvas



Crystal clear, tropical water, you sit on the beach, a caipirinha in your hand, sunglasses on your nose so as not to be blinded by this inimitable light, the last foothills of the waves ripple around your feet and you are happy - in this one , irretrievable moment, in the now. It must have been something like that for the artist when she created this new work of art, a distant memory of a bygone vacation, happy, sunny days of idleness and enjoyment. This time it's different shades of green and turquoise that set the tone. While it seems like the reflective surface of sea water, this painting is a much more abstract approach. From a distance, the impression of water is created, but if you go closer, you lose yourself in lines that connect, overlap, cross, in different brightnesses and strengths. How much one would like to put one's feet here in the golden sand!

Reflections of a memory

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