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100 x 100 cm

Oil on canvas



What a dream! You almost think you can hear the sound of the sea, this wonderful beach looks so lifelike! The gently landing, flowing waves wash around your ankles, you sink into the soft sand, the whitecaps glisten in the midday sun. One looks out to sea, against the darker horizon and is at peace with the world, the psyche breathes, the body regenerates ... With this work the artist has brilliantly continued her series "Water". Here you can clearly see her great love for the sea. The work of art is painted in many layers with oil on canvas. Long waiting times had to be observed because the layers first had to be completely dry in order to be able to create the gradients, the shadows of the ground and the dancing lights in the water. From a distance the picture appears very realistic, but up close you can again see the artist's clearly abstract approach, which you know from her other works.

Reflections of a wish

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