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100 x 100 cm

Acrylics on canvas



An unconventional work that the artist has created here - on the one hand almost photo-realistic, on the other hand completely abstract. Partly clear, almost geometrically demarcated areas, partly very soft transitions and color gradients; strong colors and flowing neutral tones, warm and cool, angular and oval. It is precisely this mixture of opposites that creates the tension in the picture. If you stand directly in front of it, you can only see unrelated areas that are not in harmony due to the different colors. Only from a certain distance does an overall picture emerge: a reflection in the water. Is it a house, an object, an item of clothing - that doesn't matter in this case. The artist chose this snapshot in order to unite this unity of the representational and the totally abstract in one work. This image makes a strong impression in any environment, as can also be clearly seen in the in situ photos.

Reflections of love

4.500,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
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