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100 x 100 x 4 cm / 39" x 39"

Acrylics, spray paint, charcoal, crayon, graphite on gallery wrapped canvas



A bright, beautiful Saturday morning, early, still calm, only the wind moves the plants, grasses, shrubs and flowers. It is already warm, so that the first bees are flying and busily buzzing around the large pink-colored blossom to collect the pollen and turn it into delicious honey. A wonderful summer's day begins and the artist has captured her impressions in a brilliant, abstract and expressive work. Starting with water-soluble graphite, fixed and accentuated with a painting medium, the artist applied layer after layer of color, partially scratched out again, allowed to dry, applied new layers, sprayed on, repeatedly interrupted by scratches, graphite and charcoal lines, imaginary characters written with a thin brush. So there are several layers that alternate and shine through in the foreground and background and culminate in a crescendo of joy as an overall composition! A bright and happy painting!

Saturday's Delight

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