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100 x 80 cm

Graphite, Inks and acrylics on Canvas



In times when two "BIGs" "play war" - one to distract from his self-made problems, the other one not to lose his face and to demonstrate his power - Australia is burning!

A fire that affects the artist and should affect us all! The artist did not let go. The fainting from this unprecedented destruction is unbelievable and scary.

In Bivona's opinion, artists must raise awareness of such catastrophes, show them with their means, comment on them, take a clear position and show their dismay.

Therefore, this painting, which was originally intended as an expression of gentle piano music, has become a surreal expression of her sadness and anger.

As can be seen from the individual process photos, the artist first drew the first lines with a water-soluble graphite pencil, created the first colored areas with inks and liquid acrylics and then layered them again with solid acrylics.

Still burning

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  • Das Kunstwerk wird kompakt und sicher verpackt und innerhalb der EU versandkostenfrei versendet.

    The artwork will be packed compactly and safely and the shipping is free.

    Thank you.

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