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100 x 80 cm / 39' x 31.5'

Acrylics, gesso, sand, pastels and graphite on canvas



This work has a long history. At first it was an old work in dark shades of blue and green with a few gold applications. The artist never really liked it, so she let it rest, never showed it anywhere. But now it was time for them to revive, paint over, recreate. Four days, many individual layers, washes, scratches, lines and four days of despair led the artist to let it rest for several more days and then to complete it. Now it is like an enchanted soul with the enlightenment of love, self-love, kindness and infinite peace. Warm and cold, dark and light, strong and gentle, lively and calm - all sides of a human being are present in this abstract painting, everything that appears to be a lovingly created and carefully treated human soul that is held in loving hands.

The Crown Chakra - Mahatma

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