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100 x 80 cm

Acrylics on canvas



A fantastic underwater scenery that the artist created here. The plays of light appear very realistic due to the many shades of blue, turquoise and sand-colored, to white, to mark the highest points of light. Nevertheless, the artist's approaches are rather abstract with an initially planar design, which is then accentuated by a wide variety of blue and turquoise tones and through which the lights of the wave formations are created. You immerse yourself directly in this cool water, crystal clear and wonderfully refreshing. The dark "horizon", if you can call it that, draws your gaze into the depths and encourages you to continue diving. You can literally feel the cool, pleasant water on your skin and you don't want to go back to the upper world, but rather stay in this wonderfully healthy world for as long as possible. A wonderful world worth protecting, which the artist wants to draw attention to in all its beauty.

The reflection of a dream

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