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140 x 140 cm / 55" x 55"

Oil, acrylics, gesso and graphite on canvas



This work was stretched on a stretcher for painting, but will only be sent as a stretched canvas in a roll! Once stretched it is 140 x 140 x 4 cm or 55" x 55" in size. The sides are painted with white gesso. This work by the artist has gone through several changes, was completely painted over and rebuilt again. Several layers are placed on top of each other and result in a unique structure and depth. The artist didn't like the first draft, it was far too adapted to her, too unnatural. Only when she radically "destroyed" the picture this result was the ideal basis for a new beginning and rebuilding, as you can also see in the videos. The artist has rebuilt the picture lightly and loosely, thereby realizing her very own signature. Abstract and yet floral, this work forms a unique joyful composition.

This Delicate Moment Of JOY

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