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100 x 80 x 3,5 cm

Inks, alcohol inks and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas



After a few moments of doubt - new processing, repeated layers of acrylic paints and further design with alcohol inks and alcohol thinner, then sitting back and observe, just obeserve...

If the values ​​are correct, brightness and darkness are balanced, it will be prevailing blue supports and not suppressed? Is the picture still lit like at the beginning? Is it still a recognizable end result, somehow figurative and yet abstract? Is it deep enough, with details that you can discover and inspire? Is it mystical, painted with soul, and does that come out?

YES! It was worth it, the time of contemplating, reflecting, focusing, the many layers, drying and long processing.

Again, this is an example of the artist's ability to paint abstractly and yet give a hint of something figurative, details that you want to rediscover every time you look at them.


With A Little Help From Above

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  • Das Kunstwerk wird kompakt und sicher verpackt und innerhalb der EU versandkostenfrei versendet.

    The artwork will be packed compactly and safely and the shipping is free.

    Thank you.

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