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170 x 70 cm

Oil, acrylics, inks and graphite on canvas



This unique work of art combines many different work steps. First, an old work was painted over with white gesso. None of the original picture shines through. Then the artist applied black shadows and lines with a thick graphite pencil dipped into water. The gesso layer, which has not yet dried completely, also creates deep scratches that give the surface texture and tension. Reworking was also carried out with a thinner graphite pencil and then additional focal points were set with liquid black acrylic paint. These, in turn, were scraped out again with a spatula to give the composition a direction. After further drying, inks and acrylic paints were applied and partially washed out again, so that transparent layers were created. Oil paints are applied as the eighth layer, completing the composition. The floral theme only becomes apparent from a distance.

Yes, but it's not the same

5.800,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
  • The artwork is packed carefully and shipped for free worldwide.

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